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Gatlinburg CouponsCoupon clipping has become not only a way to save money, but in fact, a hobby in itself. And people visiting the Smoky Mountains are no different; they always diligently seek out Gatlinburg coupons online before their visit and in the brochure racks around town once they arrive. We at the Gatlinburg Space Needle applaud you for this. Moreover, we are going to help you in your Gatlinburg coupon search. Below we list for you different places to find the elusive Gatlinburg coupons and in turn, save money on hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Gatlinburg Coupon Update

If you are looking for the best coupons for summer 2012, check out our recent post that lists the best Gatlinburg coupons for summer 2012.

Gatlinburg Coupons on Facebook

Let’s face it, with 800 million users and growing, businesses are taking notice and using Facebook to market their businesses — with over 10,000 Facebook fans, we are also guilty of this. But, this is good for you, the “Gatlinburger.” Why? Well, in order to connect with these 800 million users, businesses offer incentives — coupons — to people who “like” them and/or “check in” at their establishment. So, scour Facebook prior to your visit to Gatlinburg for local businesses who offer coupons through this avenue. We are sure you’ll be glad you did.

Gatlinburg Coupons at

This may not be a secret, but has a section of their website which allows businesses to advertise coupons, specials, packages, etc. Here, you can find Gatlinburg coupons on hotels, restaurants, attractions and just about anything else you would want or need to do in Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg Coupons at

Gatlinburg Coupons at Rest Areas

On your way into Gatlinburg, make it a point to stop at a few rest areas starting at around fifty miles out, and you will not be disappointed. We admit that this practice has declined in recent years, but many businesses, and especially hotels, will be put coupons in travel guides and coupon books. This is an especially good way to find Gatlinburg coupons in the slow winter months.

Our Online Store

We wouldn’t be very good marketers if we didn’t at least mention the fact that you can save on on Gatlinburg tickets by visiting our online store. So, if you plan on paying us a visit while in Gatlinburg, make sure to buy your tickets online to get them at the best price.


What are some of your favorite ways to find Gatlinburg coupons? Let us know in the comments below.

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