Helicopter Flights Over the Smoky Mountains

Photo courtesy of Scenic Helicopter Tours.

In this blog, we have suggested numerous ways to enjoy Great Smoky Mountains National Park: hiking, auto tours, biking, etc. But there's another way to experience the splendor of the Smokies that we have not yet discussed: helicopter tours. If you think the Smoky Mountains are awe-inspiring when you see them up close, you'll be in for a thrill when you get to view them from a bird's perspective.

Scenic Helicopter Tours offers you the opportunity to do just that. The company's mid-range and longer f

lights take you over Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the surrounding area.  The “National Park Flight” specifically includes views, not only of the mountains, but of the Gatlinburg downtown area.  This flight covers 40 to 50 miles and costs $146.46 per person if you order cialis without perscription book online.

Each of the company's helicopters holds 3 or 4 people. If you have four people in your party, consider the “Scenic Special Tour,” which covers 60 to 70 miles and costs $653.01 per tour (as opposed to per person) if you book online.

The Scenic Helicopter Tours ticket office is in Pigeon Forge and the flights depart from the Heliport in Sevierville. Both locations are a short drive from Gatlinburg. You can take photos from the aircraft on all of the tours and, if there is a specific landmark or feature you would like to see, the pilot will try to accommodate your request.


Have you take a helicopter ride over the Smoky Mountains? If so, please share your experience with us in the comments below!


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