Romantic Restaurants in Gatlinburg

Romantic Dinner in GatlinburgWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now would be a good time to start planning. If you are like most people planning for that special date on the day for lovers, you are looking for a romantic restaurant. Indeed, the main aspect of a romantic evening is the picture-perfect dinner with your special someone. Well, if you are going to spend your Valentine’s Day in Gatlinburg, you are in luck; Gatlinburg boasts an array of romantic restaurants. The Gatlinburg Space Needle lists some of our favorite romantic restaurants in Gatlinburg below.

Greenbriar Restaurant

The historic Greenbriar Restaurant in Gatlinburg is known for its intimate atmosphere and  deep-seated history (read about the Greenbriar legend). The best thing about the Greenbriar Restaurant, though, is their location. Located off the beaten path, this is a dining experience that offers seclusion and beautiful views (call ahead for window seating) in a romantic atmosphere. Of course, their food is also delicious. This is the spot where many locals will be going to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Still, because of its backwoods location, it is rarely ever very crowded.

The Park Grill

The Park Grill is located on the Gatlinburg Parkway between traffic lights 9 and 10 (on your left going into the National Park). Their rustic, romantic dining area is perfect for a Valentine’s Day meal. But, the main draw of the Park Grill is their food. To sum it up, they offer absolutely delectable cuisine, though it is a bit pricey. Nonetheless, we think it’s certainly worth it. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.

The Peddler

The Peddler is the crème de la crème of Gatlinburg restaurants. Located creekside on River Road, this famous Gatlinburg restaurant boasts an intimate setting (call ahead for creekside seating) and delicious cuisine — the salad bar is the main attraction for many people.

But, the steaks are what keep most people coming back to the Peddler year after year. A steak peddler, hence the restaurant’s name, visits your table and you pick the exact steak you want to be prepared especially for you. I don’t know if this makes a difference in the taste, but either way, take our word for it: the steaks at the Peddler are hard to beat. Neither you nor your valentine will be disappointed with the Peddler.


What is your go-to restaurant for a romantic meal in Gatlinburg? Share with us in the comments below.

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