Historic Sites in Gatlinburg: The Ogle Cabin

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a place which boasts a very rich history. Of course, all the attractions and shops lining the Gatlinburg Parkway are fun, but behind all the touristy stuff lies quite a few historic sites you can visit to experience the essence of what makes our quaint Smoky Mountain town so special. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to tell you about the places you can visit in Gatlinburg to take a trip back in time. This week's historic site may be the most special of them all.

The Ogle Cabin

Gatlinburg Ogle CabinIn about 1802, William Ogle laid claim on what was to be the site of the first home in Gatlinburg, then called White Oak Flats. He cut and hewed the logs for the cabin and returned home to South Carolina to get his family, telling them they were moving to the “Land of Paradise.” But William Ogle came down with malaria and died in 1803, before he could bring his family to his newly-discovered paradise. His wife, though, followed through on his plans — four years after his death, she gathered the family and they traveled to White Oak Flats, found William's hewed logs, and finished the cabin. The Ogle family descendants lived in the cabin until around 1910.

The cabin, since then, has been used as a hospital and as a museum of mountain artifacts. Directions to Ogle CabinWhile the Ogle Cabin has been moved a short distance from its original location, it still stands today. You can visit it today behind Pi Beta Phi, Gatlinburg's elementary school, and next to Arrowmont School. Just turn on Cherokee Orchard Road at traffic light #6. The Ogle Cabin is marked in red on the map to the right.


Stay tuned to our blog for more historic sites in and around Gatlinburg. And if you want to experience Gatlinburg's history from 407 feet above, make sure to visit the Gatlinburg Space Needle and see what Higher Learning is all about.

What are some historic sites in Gatlinburg you would like to see featured on our blog? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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