Gatlinburg Breweries and Distilleries

Here in Gatlinburg, locally-made wines and other spirits are a source of much pride. Here you can tour the facilities where these beverages are produced and observe the processes from start to finish. Best of all,  these tours include free tastings, making a Gatlinburg  brewery a complete outing. Your options include…

Ole Smoky Distillery (865) 436-6995

Ole Smoky, eastern Tennessee’s first federally licensed distillery, makes moonshine, as the corn grain liquor it specializes in was known back in the days when it was produced and distributed illegally. As it was then, the moonshine comes in mason jars. Visit to see the stills in which the whiskey is produced with locally-grown corn. Ole Smoky sells moonshine for drinking and mixin

g, as well as jars of maraschino cherries soaked in moonshine and an apple pie drink that consists of moonshine, apple juice, cinnamon and other flavorings.  If you are lucky, your visit will coincide with one of Ole Smoky's seasonal flavors, which can only be purchased on site.

Bootleggers Homemade Wine –  (865) 221-1589

Owned by two sisters from the area, Bootleggers Homemade Wine offers wines that are made, as the name suggests, without equipment. Strawberry, blackberry and peach are among the varieties. As of this writing, Bootleggers doesn't ship, so if you want to try them you'll have to stop by. Here too you'll be rewarded for your effort with free tastings.

Sugarland Cellars – (865) 325-1110

Sugarland Cellars makes dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines right here in Gatlinburg. With the purchase of every tour you'll receive a complimentary wine glass with the Sugarland Cellars logo and you'll be able to sample any of the varieties available. Sugarland also offers wine freezers.


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