Haunted Places in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Haunted House

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With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be neat to look up some “real” haunted places in Gatlinburg. Considering Gatlinburg’s rich and varied history, it is only natural that a myriad ghost stories about the town exist. We found quite a few and thought we would pass them on to you in the spirit of Halloween. That being said, we do not verify that any of these stories are true, and of course, anyone wanting to investigate these hauntings will need permission from the property owners. For more Gatlinburg ghost stories, check out Gatlinburg Folklore.

Greenbrier Restaurant

The popular Gatlinburg restaurant was, at one point, a lodge. Lydia, a one-time resident of the lodge, is said to still haunt the building. The story goes that Lydia was stood up at the altar. Crushed, she went to the lodge and hung herself. It is reported that her ghost can sometimes be seen on the second floor landing from where she reportedly hung herself. Visit The Ghosts of Tennessee for the full story.

Holiday Inn Sunspree Haunting

This hotel is now known as the Garden Plaza. It is one of the oldest hotels in Gatlinburg and is said to be haunted by multiple ghosts, including a former cook named Alvin who haunts the kitchens on the property. Other purported ghosts include a businessman who committed suicide, a couple of murdered girls, and a massacred boy scout troop. You can read a rather detailed write up at Strange USA. For what it is worth, we have heard of people checking old newspapers to confirm these murders happened without luck.

Mount Leconte Lodge

Mount Leconte Lodge is located on the top of Mount Leconte, only accessible via hiking. It is a popular overnight spot for hikers. While we could not find much information on this reported haunting, what we found says there have been multiple reports of a little girl who appears at the foots of guests’ beds and watches them sleep (super-creepy).


Just to reiterate, we do not confirm the actual haunting of any of these establishments and please get permission from the property owners before investigating any of these stories.

Do you know any Gatlinburg ghost stories? We would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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